To the Facebook marketer whose ads barely run before getting killed…

The $20,000 Ad Blueprint Behind Facebook's Longest Running And Most Profitable Ads Can Help You "Ban Proof" Your Ads!

This little-known 7-template system helps you write ads faster…launch with confidence…and get steady conversions needed to scale your business.

You want to successfully buy Facebook traffic and build a business you can boast of.

But it's not working out for you yet...

Facebook keeps killing your ads.

When setting up...

You make sure your copy is compliant.

You do all the optimizations.

But after launching your ad...bam!

Facebook's hammer comes down on it.

These bans kill business momentum.

And because you keep losing money, it gets more difficult to buy traffic and scale.

Like many, you've come to realize that...

Facebook doesn't care about your business.

And why would they?

According to social media giants Sprout Social, Facebook’s total ad revenue was $20.7 billion at the end of 2020.

And even crazier…revenue continues to rise by 25% year after year.

So all is fine in Zuckland. 

It’s small business people like you and me who suffer.

It doesn’t matter if you run an honest business, your ad account can be disabled for no reason.

And your hard-earned money flushed down the drain.

Scary part is, things could get worse.

If the past is any indication, ad costs are going to continue rising.

Ad policies are going to get stricter.

And the richer these guys get, the less they'll care about you.

Despite all these, Facebook has almost 3 billion active users…

…so it remains the best online channel to advertise and grow your business.

And what this means is...

If you keep waiting for things to change without addressing the real reason why your ads fail…’ll only lose more time and money in the future.

Thankfully, there's good news.

Writing long running, profitable ads is easier than you think

Surely, you’ve seen the big brands crushing it with Facebook ads?

The ones whose ads run week after week...month after month...pulling profit undisturbed.

At least you've heard of them.

You might have also heard it's mostly down to their big budget, or laser-sharp targeting.

All those things sure help, but it’s something else that makes the big difference.

You see, these big brands understand that you need to write ad copy that grabs attention and makes sales.

But more importantly…

They follow a proven system for creating these winning ads.

Yes, a proven system made up of frameworks, structures and ad angles. 

And wouldn’t they?

When you're playing with big money, you can't afford to gamble. 

You need an edge.

So this allows them to repeat their success over and over again.

Now, the amazing thing is, you too can do the same.

When you lean on a proven blueprint like the multi-million dollar brands...

You can easily write your ads...confidently launch them...and watch as they keep crushing it…undisturbed by Facebook.

How do I know all this?

Let me tell you a quick story about...

A crazy challenge Facebook marketers can only dream of

I'm Miles Beckler -- and I've been running Facebook ads since 2015.

Since then, I've generated over $2,000,000 via Facebook.

And also used Facebook ads to grow my meditation group to a 6-figure per year business.

(A quick search of "mile beckler" on YouTube and you'll find my channel with 180k+ subs)

In the beginning, I had the usual problems with running ads…

So while my business grew, I looked for ways to give myself an edge.

One, I wanted to make the process of writing ads easy for my business. I didn't have a clear process for this.

Two, I wanted to stop our ads from occasionally getting banned.

One day, I hit on a crazy idea.

I quickly assembled my team and shared it with them.

We were going to dig through ALL the ads we could find on Facebook in the past two years.

Our goal?

To discover the "magic" behind the longest-running and most profitable ads.

It was an extremely daunting task.

We combed through over 1,000 ads.

We crawled into dozens of niches advertising on Facebook. Even obscure niches like décor painting and educational tours.

I even poured thousands in into this wild study. 

After months of intensive research, we found the 100 best-performing ads.

And that’s when we made a stunning discovery.

In the past two years, the longest running and most profitable ads on Facebook stick to 7 ad templates.

As far as I know, research like this is unheard of.

Without missing a beat, I started applying these templates to my ads.

With a proven framework to work with, I could write ads faster…

Without waiting for sudden bouts of inspiration.

Plus, I began to launch ads with more confidence.

And the best part?

They were performing better than ever.

Today, I'm happily spending over $20,000 per month on Facebook ads.

So, if you're at the point where…

…writing your ads doesn’t come easy 

…your ads keep getting banned

…unnecessary tests are draining your ad budget

…and mediocre results keep holding back your business

You need to build on proven Facebook ad templates.


Banproof Ad Templates

This is my 7-template system for writing profitable ads in any niche...without worrying about your ads getting banned.

It’s borne from a year-long research to discover the blueprint of Facebook’s longest-running (and most profitable) ads – in the past two years.

With this in your hands...

You don't have to worry about what to write...

You don't have to sit and wait for magical moments of inspiration…

...or go through the hectic process of vetting and hiring a copywriter.

When you're done writing your ads, you'll be so confident it'll bring you great results.

All you have to do?

Once you've figured out your market, how you can help them, and the type of ad you want to write...

Just flick through the 82 page blueprint…pick out a template you like...and follow the ad examples to craft yours. 

And the best part?

It's a simple blueprint you can complete today and start writing winning ads as soon as tomorrow.

Alright, come have a look of what’s inside...

The Hook & Look

At times, all you need is simple copy that arrests attention and sells the sizzle. This template will generate some of the easiest ads you'll ever write. And it's perfect for retargeting ads.

The Six Shooter

Writing longer copy, you might wonder: "sure they'll read all this copy?"

The six-shooter ensures your audience reads your copy. 

It draws on a proven formula for simplifying longer ad copy. And it works great for biz opp niches.

The Tall Tale

Stories sell. But you have to tell it well. 

Luckily, you don't have to be a master storyteller to do so.

The tall tale captures amazing story ads, you only need look at their framework to easily craft yours from them.

The Classroom Zoom

It's true! Educating your reader makes your copy sound less salesy. 

Plus, it’s a smart way to build trust and nurture your audience.

But then, you risk sounding boring. And boring kills conversions.

Classroom Zoom reveals how to share information in an entertaining way, so you sell as you teach.

The Unique Critique

Your market has its big problem. And speaking of this problem is a surefire way to get them listening. 

The best ads have a unique way of introducing problems, and it packs a lot of 

.punch when you follow the proven structure in this template.

Lost In The Amazon

How do you stop your ad copy from screaming "I'm an ad"?

This simple 2-step template shows you how. And it's perfect for video ads.

You can pull it off, as long as you've got people who've bought from you.

The Hybrid

A mix-and-match but easy-to-follow framework of the six templates mentioned above. So you can easily combine and craft a wider range of ads.

And that’s not all.

I’ve also included the top 24 of the 100 best-performing ads for you. This way you can see the templates live in action.

But then, an interesting thought struck me. And because of that thought...

Banproof Ad Blueprint isn't the only thing you're getting.

You see, I wanted to make sure there was absolutely no confusion on how to use these templates.

So I called my buddy Landon...

Landon has been running Facebook ads for nearly as long as I have, and he's an absolute rock star when it comes to copyrighting and ad structure.

He was part of the team that embarked on that crazy adventure.

And if you were to hire him, you'd have to pony up hundreds of dollars an hour.

Anyway, I called him up and we did something special for you.

1hr private video breakdown of all 7 templates + 24 top-performing ads

In this video, we uncover the "invisible" elements that make these templates work. 

We take you under the hood and show you the techniques behind profitable and long-running Facebook ads.

The persuasion levers. Psychology at play. The ad structures on show.

We break it all down into simple, easy-to-understand grammar, so you can copy them for your ads.

Even if you've never written a lick of copy, you can confidently sit by your laptop and write profitable ads in minutes.

And with a complete understanding of these proven ads and templates, you can easily adapt their secrets for your market.

Bonus Video 1: Turn your copy into an attention magnet with 4 hooks behind millions in revenue

It's demoralizing to spend time writing ads, investing money to run it, only for your market to ignore it. 

Your ads should be stopping your audience right in their tracks and pulling them in.

In this 30-minute bonus video, you'll discover the 4 dominant hooks for punching up your ad copy.

Watch it, and you'll never wonder how to begin writing your ads again. Nor will you wait for the elusive episodes of inspiration anymore.

Bonus Video 2: Confidently launch your ads with Perfect Picture Training

Every profitable and long-running ad on Facebook checks five boxes. 

In this 30-minute bonus training, we reveal these five winning elements of successful ads.

When you're done writing your ad, scan it and tick off this “5-point checklist”

Now, you've got an ad that's ready to launch and crush.

Sounds interesting, right?

But before you decide if this is right for you...

Here's something you should know.

What the Banproof ad blueprint IS NOT!

It isn't a Facebook ad course

That should be clear by now. 

I DON'T teach you anything about setting up ad accounts and so on. 

This is strictly about your writing process and extracting the best results from your ads.

It isn't an "exit" for selling “illegal” products

I'm sure you're aware of the kind of products and ads Facebook prohibits. 

If that's the kind of stuff you sell, this templates aren't going to be of help to you.

These aren't fill-in-the-blank templates

Instead, they are frameworks and structures behind the beat performing ads on Facebook. 

In the videos you're getting, I dive into the psychology behind the ads. 

Once you understand them, you can write any ad you want. 

You can think of this as a paint by numbers approach to writing your ads. 

If that doesn't sound good to you, this product may not help you much.

These ARE NOT the typical templates FB ad gurus offer as freebies

You won't find this anywhere on Google. I've received some of those free templates myself, and we both know how much they suck. If they worked, I wouldn't have embarked on my personal research.

This product was borne from a year-long research project on Facebook carried out by my team and I.
Having said that...

It's good to remember that Banproof Ad Blueprint is a proven system that...

...saves you time spent on writing your Facebook ads and testing ad angles and structures that may not work

...saves you from losing money by hiring copywriters and running ads that don't bring in results

...saves you the frustration of watching your ads getting banned, struggle to scale your brand while your competitors are crushing it.

You're getting a multi-million dollar system for succeeding with Facebook ads. 

One that helps you flood your business with customers and fuels growth.

Now that you understand what you're getting...

It's time to talk price

Considering that this is a product of a year-long research which cost my team and I thousands of dollars to put together...

Plus the fact that this saves you time and money by making your ad writing process a paint by numbers approach…

...this blueprint is easily worth $997.

But you can get it for $97.

Just kidding!

(I mean, that's how the marketing gurus would sell this, right? I’ve always found those sales tactics funny)

Anyway, while the promises are true...

You're getting this for $47 only

And honestly, it wasn't easy to settle on that price. 

I'm a businessman and I'd love to make more money.

But, I priced it cheap for 3 reasons.

The first reason is goodwill

With Covid19 and all, businesses in the U.S are having a difficult time -- especially smaller ones.

However, to grow your business, you need to advertise. And Facebook despite the "mystery" surrounding it, remains the best place to do that.

The second reason is a bit selfish

I want to build my customer base. And I believe a good way to do that is to give you an easy-to-buy product that works.

Of course, if you're satisfied -- as I'm confident you’ll be -- you'd have no trouble buying from me again.

Third reason is a favor I'm asking.

I'm super confident you'll get thrilling results with this product. 

So once you start seeing them, I'd love for you to write me and share your story. 

Sounds fair?

Still, I want to make investing this blueprint a complete "no brainer"

That's why I'm throwing in...

My "You only pay if you love it" 60-day Guarantee

Grab the Banproof Ad Template. Study it. Apply these templates for your ads. 

I'm giving you 60-days to test this product.

If you think it's a complete waste of your time, just contact my support team at within 60-days of getting it.

I'll give you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

If you've read so far, and you think this product can help you, I'll suggest you get it now.


To your Facebook ad success,

Miles Beckler

PS: Please keep this in mind.

At the actual $47 price, I'm basically giving away money. 

How long will I do this for?

I'm not sure.

I can pull the plug on this at any point.

So get it right now while it’s fresh on your mind and this page is still active.