Are You Testing Dynamic Creative Optimization On Your Facebook Ads?

It's not an exaggeration to say that Apple's iOS 14.5 update may have changed Facebook Ads forever.

The update put significant limitations on the data Facebook can collect from users browsing the web.

And if Facebook can't connect the dots and track what people are doing when they leave their app...

They lose the data required to build interests, custom audiences, retargeting audiences, and even conversions in some situations.

As a result, most of you now see reporting issues like missing conversions, and targeting issues like degraded interest and lookalike audiences.

Reporting can generally be improved using things like Facebook’s Conversion API, verifying your domain and prioritizing your conversions.  

So let's take a second to focus specifically on targeting and how advertisers are adjusting.

Since this update was released, most of the greedy gurus have spent their time looking for the next big "hack" that they can sell as a quick fix to make your ads work the way they used to...

They suggest things like changing your conversion objectives, duplicating your campaigns to restart the learning process, and changing ad creative after a couple of weeks to keep your ads fresh.

While these might work temporarily...

They're not long-term fixes or scalable solutions.

So what have we been doing for the past few months?

We've been testing new strategies based on Facebook's recommended best practices.

You see, the game has changed...

In the past, many of you relied on targeting niche interests to segment your audience...

We all did this... because it worked so well!

It was pretty easy to find an interest group of 100k people that were a perfect fit for your ads.

The thing is, iOS 14.5 has essentially killed this.

Facebook can no longer track what a significant chunk of their users are doing outside of their app…

And this substantially reduces the size and effectiveness of these smaller interest audiences...

If you're targeting small interest audiences today, chances are you're probably seeing much higher CPMs and a lower ROAS.

So what's the solution?

Well... what's working best for us now is actually broader targeting with ad copy designed to grab the attention of our target audience.

So how do you create an ad that speaks directly to your customer when you're targeting a broad audience?

You need to think about who your target customer is, and what they care about.

What are their biggest pain points?

What are they struggling with?

What do they want more of in their life?

Once you understand this, you can start to craft ad copy that speaks to them directly and resonates with them emotionally.

The next step is testing.

When you're targeting hundreds of thousands, or even 10s of millions of people, there's a lot of trial and error that go into creating ads that will get the right people to stop scrolling and read your ad.

And this is where Dynamic Creative Optimization comes in.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (or DCO) is a Facebook ad-building tool that allows you to test different images and ad copy against one another to see which performs the best.

It's a quick and easy way to test multiple images or videos, along with different ad copy to see what resonates with your audience.

It's basically A/B testing on steroids...

And we've been seeing great results in our tests over the past few months!

DCO can be enabled at the Ad Set level when setting up your campaign:

Once this feature is toggled on you can add variations for every part of your ad.

You can test different ad copy, images, videos, headlines, etc and Facebook will try different combinations to help you get the best result.

You can potentially test hundreds of ad variations!

Imagine trying to set up individual ads to accomplish the same thing! Sure it's possible... but it would be highly time-consuming!

So what's the next step?

Once you launch your ads, you just let Facebook do its thing.

You should expect to start seeing results after a few days. 

Don't be alarmed if you initially see a high cost per sale or cost per lead.

It's only after you start collecting leads and sales that Facebook's optimization can really start working.

Facebook's algorithm will begin to devote more of your ad spend to the components performing the best as data accumulates, and your cost per result should start to fall.

After about a week or so, you should start seeing what's working through the performance breakdown:

Here's an example from a ad set that's testing ten different images, you can clearly see winners starting to emerge:

Our ideal cost per purchase (CPP) for this product is about $30.  So seeing a CPP in the low $20s and even under $20 is amazing! 

Once you have clear winners for your image and text, you can do one of two things...

You can keep the campaign running, or create a new campaign with new images and text to test against your best performers.  

Your new campaign becomes a test to see if you can improve on your previous winners and you can potentially repeat this process over and over again!  

At first, we were hesitant to believe all of the hype around DCO because we've always preferred to have more control over our campaigns.

But after testing it ourselves over the past couple months, we've seen great results and are planning to roll out more dynamic campaigns.

We highly recommend you try it out yourself to see if this softens the blow from iOS 14.

And if you need some help coming up with ideas to test...

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