How To Finally Scale Your Social Media Ads... Without Going Out Of Pocket!

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Hey, it's Miles Becker Here...

Let's talk about your Social Media Ad Campaigns goals...

...because I believe there's something you will read here that will help you achieve them faster and easier then you ever thought possible.

Many digital marketer miss their Social Media Ads goals and up feeling disillusioned.

Maybe this is you right now... I know that was me for a long time.

However, I managed to see each failure as a learning experience...

There are times when you feel like you hit a brick wall.

So you are forced to figure out how you are going to get past it...

You can break it, climb over it, go around it...

You find the solution and you keep going...

Just to find the same wall somewhere down the line.

"But I thought I solved this already!"

This was me not so long ago... 

...and if this is you right now... 

...I understand what you are going through. 

Back when I began running Social Media advertising I couldn't scale past $100 per day without losing money.

My ads would normally generate me around 69 customers every month at about $68 each, for a total cost of $4,750 in the month.

But here's the thing... My average order value is about $56, so I was losing $12 for every customer I brought in!

I was in trouble. I was never going to be able to profitably grow my business like this.. 

I was at the end of my rope, when it hit me: 

"I waste so much time and energy trying to unlock all these "doors" blocking my way to success..."

This lead me to uncover "The ATM Formula"

The ATM Formula stands for 'Audience. Trust. Monetization.' It involves creating social media ad campaigns that build you a massive ever-growing audience, build your email list and build trust and make intelligent, well-timed offers to your warm audience. 

Once I put all the pieces together.... 

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that The ATM Formula would put all my Social Media Ads woes to rest. 

"If I can get this right," I thought, "it could make everything else better… 

...but as long as I keep getting it wrong I’m going to keep getting the same things wrong." 

My "master switch to social media ad success" became The "ATM" Formula (which stands for Audience. Trust. Monetization)

To date, I've used the ATM formula to build a massive, ever-growing "engaged audience", scale my social media ads with smaller budgets than ever before and sell millions of dollars of my own info-products, affiliate products and memberships...

We have been able to scale up my ads faster than ever before while dropping my cost per customer down by 70% and bringing in 15x more customers into my business....

I threw myself completely into research, trying to figure out all the ins and outs of social media advertising.

After a while I noticed three important steps to social media ad success:

Step 1: You need to build an ever-growing
"engaged audience"

The old way of running social media ads is to target a cold audience with a "conversion ad" which is either an opt-in offer or a direct product offer, before giving value.

"Hey stranger who doesn't know me, trust me or like me... Do you want this thing?... Yes or no?.... Decide Now!"

Obviously I'm being a little sarcastic here to prove a point, but stated like this, you can see why this is not a great long term strategy.

Although this approach may occasionally work for a short time, it is not scale-able and you pay top dollar for those clicks which usually results in un-profitable campaigns.

Today, to win at social media ads, you need to leverage dynamic behavioral retargeting so you can build TRUST with you engaged audience before showing your conversion ads.

Now this is just a fancy way of saying that you need to give value first and retarget the people who engage with your content with your conversion ads.

This way, only people who know you, like you and trust you will see your conversion ads.

Everything in your funnel will work better after you take time to build TRUST, first.

Step 2: Use smaller budgets spread
across more audiences

Putting a big wager on one ad and one audience is a quick way to lose a LOT of money.

Ask me how I know ;)

The old 'whoever spends more wins' way of thinking just doesn't work anymore.

In fact, you want to start as small as you can with social media ads, because you need to test a lot of different audiences and ads to find the winners.

There's no sense in wasting a ton of money testing when most of your ad sets won't work!

Now there is a very strategic way of setting this all up, but the big key here is to minimize your risk so you don't waste valuable marketing money on the wrong audiences.

We usually spend just $1 per ad set to test out an audience.

If it performs well, we strategically increase its budget to maximize the results.

If it flops, we turn it off and test another and another until we find a winner.

The days of gambling on hyper targeted and super-specific audiences are long gone.

Today you need to systematically sort through to find the audiences that work for you and bring you the right people who want what you sell!

Which takes us to step 3...

Step 3: Let the social media ad platforms AI
decide when to build more TRUST and when to MONETIZE

Now, this is one of the newest and biggest changes to the social media ad game.

To make your ads work at scale, you need to let the platform's machine learning and AI do the heavy lifting for you...

For a long time I didn't trust social media ad platforms and just until these recent changes, this skepticism was required for success.

But in the last year, everything has changed.

Now social media ad platforms are able to deliver the right offers to more of the right people at the right time, than ever before... As long as you are using the right campaign structure and the right ad set settings!

In fact, this is today's #1 secret to scaling a business, fast.

Let the platform's AI do the hard work of finding the right people FOR YOU!

The funny part is... Most people still believe that you should trust social media ad platforms with your money and that they'll burn through your ad-spend.

In 2018, I'd agree with that statement... Today? It's simply not true.

Which means you are gaining a competitive advantage over your competition by learning this, today!

Because the social media ad platform's AI and machine learning have been optimized to grow your audience, generate more leads and more sales faster than ever before...

Their AI knows WHO is most likely to take action...

For example, with all the pixel data, the social media ad platform knows which of their users spend the most money and which users don't spend a dime online.

They know WHEN & WHERE they are most likely to take action.

For example, with the basic time, device and location info, they know when your audience is at home on their iPad where they do all their shopping and when they are at work where they never purchase online...

And their AI knows what your audience is most likely to take action on, next.

Are they binge-watching videos? The ad platform will build more trust and show another video!

Have they been searching for new summer hats and liking images on Instagram of people in summer hats?

The ad platform's can tell that they are farther along in the buying cycle and they're ready to convert...

So they will show your ad for summer hats (if you're a hat company, obviously, LOL)!

If you remove the ad platform's ability to find the best path for you by "over-targeting" your ads and audiences, you will suffocate your results.

This is your chance to let the ad platform's crazy knowledge on user behavior, their pixel data and their AI deliver you the VERY BEST leads and customers...

Plus, it'll save you a ton of time because you just queue everything up and the ad platform decides what ad to display to who at what time.

You stay focused on growing your audience and building trust... Facebook delivers the leads and sales!

After implementing these 3 steps, I started to see constant improvements in my Social Media Ads journey. And you can experience them as well. 

Instead of struggling to scale social media ad campaigns, profitably...'ll scale your social media ads profitably with less effort that you ever thought possible... 

...PLUS you'll even be able to increase the conversion rate of your funnels! 

You may know where this is headed: 

My goal was simple: help of as many digital marketers just like you taste success. 

All with just the help of a Social Media Ads program delivering results with the precision of a Swiss-watch... 

...a program meant to do one thing: 

Taking you by-the-hand, and leading you,
step-by-step, to the next plateau...

Now, in order for you to get the most out of this program as quickly as possible, it would have to be an online course delivered to you. 

It would have to be easy-to-do, and fit into just 2 to 3 days… 

...but it would have to have transformational results...

And so, Social Ad Class came into being...

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I've spent years pouring money down the "Social Media Ads Drain" and my goal here has been to share what I've learned to hopefully save you some headache and heartache on your path.

The entire course is 100% based on "The ATM Formula". 

This is basically the secret behind my Social Media Ads success. 

And now you'll get the chance to experience the very same breakthroughs I did... 

...because I have laid it all out for you in my system. 

We believe so much in this solution that we're even saying stuff like: 

One of them would be: "We'll make scaling your ads profitably as easy as Sunday morning"

How come we can say that? 

Well, I spent countless hours thoroughly researching everything under the sun to crack the code: 

Truth be told, it took me 17 years years to uncover what I did.... 

..and to structure all of that insight into an easy-to-use solution. 

If it wasn't for all of this hard work... 

I would've never had been able to realize these three things: 

I discovered that to really scale your social media ads profitably you need to build an ever-growing "engaged audience", Use smaller budgets spread across more audiences and let the ad platform's AI decide when to build more TRUST and when to MONETIZE... like I mentioned earlier. 

But why? 

It's the foundation of The ATM Formula. 

This singular strategy is one of the main reasons why I'm now consistently generating greater than a 2-to-1 return on investment from my ads. 

I've named this step "Building an ever-growing "Engaged Audience""... 

...and it's just the first of three easy steps I'll show you... 

...that you can easily put to good use... order to leverage The ATM Formula to your advantage... 

...and finally scale your social media ads profitably... 

Put an end to Social Media Ads frustration...

If you hate throwing bigger budgets at social media ads or not trusting social media ad platforms then you're going to love Social Ads Class! 


Because it has nothing to do with those myths. 

In fact its sole focus is: 

Leveraging my best kept secret - "The ATM Formula" to turbocharge your Social Media Ad Campaigns so you can experience social media ad success like never before. 

Once I started using this...I was never the same again. I basically went from a frustrated digital marketer losing money every time I was running ads to a successful one making life-changing profits from little $11 - $47 products. I was finally building an audience who trusted me and was making sales every single day.

So many people reached out to me and confessed that they were hitting a brick wall... 

...because of all of the endless streams of information out there. 

This is why I created Social Ads Class... 

So that digital marketers like you can cut through all the noise and focus on just one thing. 

And it takes just 2 to 3 days of your time to see results... 

... Since:

What you have here is a game-changing system designed specifically for digital marketers that quickly delivers a proven way to profitably scale your social media ads without going out of pocket. 

Everything has been broken down into these easy-to-do parts: 

Your Best Sales Process  

I wanted to make sure you could learn my exclusive 'ATM Accelerator Funnel' which is proven to maximize sales, so I created this to ensure you do. 

I will help you make sure you have the best possible sales process in place to maximize your return on investment. 

Producing Kick-Ass Facebook Videos  

You'll learn how to quickly and effortlessly produce high quality and highly engaging content for your audience.. 

My customers demanded this, so now you can quickly build your very own engaged audience who want to consume your content and buy your products too. 

Conversion Tracking & KPI's  

Want to save time and money by making smarter data-driven decisions? Then you'll absolutely love this! 

You'll learn how to find and calculate your 'Key Performance Indicators' and how to analyze your results in the ad manager. 

Creating Your Audience Building & Conversion Ads

This is where you'll being seeing more leads and sales flooding into your business.

You'll learn exactly how to set up and create powerful content and conversion ads that build you an massive engaged audience and send them into a frenzy over your products.

Here's the kicker:

In just a few weeks from now you'll see results
you've never seen before..

Now, not all of us have a lot of time to invest in something like this. 

Everyone has their own thing. 

So, in order to ensure that you don't spend hours on end doing this... 

...we managed to compress everything into 10 easy to consume and fun trainings. 

Simply put, if you’ve got 2 to 3 days… this program is going to completely change the way you run your social media ads. 

For the past over 17 years I have successfully helped countless digital marketers go from unable to make money with their social media ads to producing ad campaigns that generate new leads and sales for their business every single day. 

It takes a bit of effort and consistency... 

However if you are serious about your Social Media Ads goals, then in the next 3 days I'll show you exactly how to make them real. 

I'll take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way; from what you have to do to how long you have to do it for. 

And one thing I can promise you is that this is going to be easier than you think. 

In a nutshell, over the next few days I’ll be your personal Social Media Ads teacher... 


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What's The Alternative?!

Spinning Your Wheels In Place

There's a lot of information out there. From Youtube videos to books and online courses. 

And if you're like me, I'm sure that you can take all of that and use it on your own... 

However, sooner or might feel like you're running in place. 

So what happens next? 

You might feel disillusioned or angry... 

And maybe even blame yourself because you can't jump this hurdle. 

Think of this like cutting a big 100 year old tree with an axe. 

When you start out...with each swing...bark flies off in every direction and you make good progress... 

Eventually you reach a point where you're forced to move around the tree... 

And strike it with a higher force and precision if you want to cut through the trunk of the tree. 

There's a strong similarity between cutting a big 100 year old tree with an axe and scaling your social media ads profitably. 

In the beginning no matter what you do... 

...each step propels you forwards... 

...and you enjoy some results. 

Thing is, sooner or later you realize that those quick wins are hard to come by. 

You now need to go back, and pay attention to detail. 

I created Social Ads Class especially to help you with this.

Everything is structured in easy steps that build upon each other so you can experience results for a long period of time.

All it takes is just 2 to 3 days. 

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Here's to your success!

Miles Beckler, Social Ad Coach